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What is the difference between Kindle e-readers? Oasis vs Paperwhite vs Scribe

In this article, I want to quickly go over the differences between Amazon Kindle ebook readers that are currently available and the different versions of each device.

The current range of Kindle e-readers consists of four models; Kindle 2022, Paperwhite, Oasis, and Scribe.

All of these tablets have Wifi, Bluetooth, a touchscreen, a frontlight, and 300dpi screens.

Kindle 2022

The Kindle 2022 is Amazon’s entry-level ebook e-reader, and can be purchased for a little over $100 from the Amazon Store.

It is the smallest and lightest Kindle e-reader with a screen size of 6″ (measured diagonally corner-to-corner). Unlike other Kindle readers that have their screen flush with the outer bezels, the Kindle 2022’s screen is sunken below the bezels.

Although it has a frontlight for reading comfortably in dark and dim environments, the temperature of the light cannot be changed. This means that you cannot adjust the tone of the light to give it a softer red hue. In addition, there is no light sensor on the Kindle 2022, so the brightness of the screen does not change automatically based on the surrounding ambient light – this is a feature that is present on some more premium e-readers.

There are no physical page turn buttons on the Kindle 2022 – you turn the page by tapping or swiping the touchscreen.

There is 16Gb of storage space on the Kindle 2022, which should be more than sufficient for most people’s libraries. It is not waterproof.

There are two versions of the Kindle 2022; one with sleep screen ads and the other without. Sleep screen ads are shown on the screen of the Kindle when you are not using it (i.e. when it is in sleep mode) – ads do not pop up and distract you when you are reading. You can save about $10 by getting the version with ads.


The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s mid-range Kindle e-reader and costs between $150 and $190.

It has a 6.8″ screen, so it is slightly bigger than the Kindle 2022. It is also about 50g heavier, but still light enough to hold comfortably.

The frontlight has temperature adjustment with it. This means you can change it to a softer shade of red, which can be more comfortable on the eyes for night-time reading.

The Paperwhite is waterproof (IPX8), which means it will still work after getting wet, or even being submerged in water.

The Paperwhite can be purchased with either 8Gb or 16Gb of storage capacity. Whereas 8Gb would be sufficient for the average ebook library, people with larger libraries may consider the 16Gb version. As there is only a $10 price difference to double the storage to 16Gb, a lot of people opt for the extra capacity.

Like the Kindle 2022, the Paperwhite can be bought with or without sleep screen ads (with around a $10 saving if you opt for the ad-enabled version).

Paperwhite Signature Edition

There is also another version of the Kindle Paperwhite; the Signature Edition.

This is a more premium version that has all the features of the regular Paperwhite but also has 32Gb of storage capacity and the ability to charge wirelessly from a wireless charging station. It also has auto-brightness, which means the brightness of the frontlight adjusts automatically based on the ambient light.

The weight and dimensions are very slightly different, but only by a few grams/millimetres.

However, it is more expensive at around $190.


The Oasis is Amazon’s flagship Kindle e-reader and costs between $270 and $360.

It has a 7″ flush screen, which is slightly larger than that of the Paperwhite, but is also around 15g lighter.

Whereas the Kindle 2022 and Paperwhite have a wider bezel at the bottom of the screen, the Oasis has a wider bezel on the right. This is so that it can be held more comfortably – it also houses the physical page turn buttons, which some people prefer over the touchscreen for navigating through their books.

The Oasis can also be used with the page turn buttons on the left because it features an in-built g-sensor or accelerometer that automatically rotates the screen as you rotate the e-reader.

Like the Paperwhite, the Oasis has a warmlight and is waterproof. The brightness of the screen also changes automatically like the Paperwhite Signature Edition.

The Kindle Oasis comes with either 8Gb or 32Gb of storage space (no 16Gb for some reason!?). There is around a $30 price difference between the two storage options.

For an additional $60, the 32Gb version can be bought with mobile connectivity, which means you can download ebooks to the Oasis from anywhere where there is a mobile network connection, without using wifi.


Finally, we have the Scribe, Amazon’s only Kindle with a stylus and writing capabilities. However, this comes at a price of between $380 and $460.

As well as providing the regular Kindle reading experience, the Kindle Scribe also allows you to create notebooks in which you can write notes, sketch, and doodle. You can also write directly onto PDFs and some specially-enabled Kindle books. Finally, you add handwritten sticky notes to ebooks.

The Scribe is Kindle’s largest e-reader with a flush 10.2″ screen. The larger screen and the metal casing make the Scribe noticeably heavier than any other Kindle (over 400g), so it is not as portable or comfortable to hold for long periods.

Like the Oasis, the Scribe has a wider bezel on the left/right and auto-rotation (but no physical page turn buttons). There is also a warmlight and automatic brightness adjustment. However, the Scribe is not waterproof like the Oasis and Paperwhite are.

The Kindle Scribe can be bought with either 16Gb, 32Gb or 64Gb of storage space – notebooks can quickly grow large and take up a fair bit of space. The 16Gb version is about $50 cheaper than the 64Gb version.

In addition, the 16Gb version can either be purchased with a Basic or Premium Pen/Stylus. The differences are that the Premium Pen has an eraser at the top and a button on the shaft, and costs about $30 more. For the 32Gb and 64Gb versions, the Premium Pen is the only option.

Final Summary

I hope this has given you a decent overview of the specs and features of the various Kindle e-readers.

If you are just looking for a basic and affordable Kindle e-reader without any bells and whistles, the Kindle 2022 would be your best choice.

If waterproofing is important to you but you don’t want to spend too much, then the Kindle Paperwhite would probably be a good choice.

The Oasis is a good choice for someone that wants a more premium e-reader with physical page turn buttons.

Finally, the Scribe is for someone that wants to make handwritten notes in addition to reading (however, there are other brands that manufacture e-ink writing tablets).

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