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The Pros & Cons of Android Ebook Readers

The most popular e-reading devices (Kindle, Kobo, Pocketbook & Nook) use their own proprietary operating system (usually based on Linux). This ensures that they are highly optimised for ebook reading but can do little else. Over the last few years, e-readers built on the Android operating system (typically used on phones and tablets) have become more and more common … Read more

E-Book & E-Reader File Formats: A Detailed Explanation

You download an eBook and you just want to read it, right? But with so many different file formats and reading devices available, it can sometimes be confusing to know if an eBook you’ve bought is compatible with your preferred e-reader. And piracy protection in the form of Digital Rights Management can throw an additional spanner into the works. … Read more

What is the difference between Kindle e-readers? Oasis vs Paperwhite vs Scribe

In this article, I want to quickly go over the differences between Amazon Kindle ebook readers that are currently available and the different versions of each device. The current range of Kindle e-readers consists of four models; Kindle 2022, Paperwhite, Oasis, and Scribe. All of these tablets have Wifi, Bluetooth, a touchscreen, a frontlight, and 300dpi screens. Kindle 2022 … Read more

What’s in Store on eWritable Readers?

The original eWritable website was developed to make it easier for people wanting to buy an e-ink writing tablet to find the best device for their unique needs. I was asked by several people to develop a similar comparison table for e-readers, which I have done, but for many people, it wasn’t enough to just have the data – … Read more

What is the difference between the Boox Page and the Boox Leaf2 e-readers?

Boox has recently released the Page – a 7″ e-reader which seems to be a natural successor to the Leaf2. On paper, both devices look to be very similar, so in this article, I want to highlight the differences between them. Similarities But first, what are the similarities? Both the Page and the Leaf2 are 7″ monochrome e-readers, with … Read more

Screenshot of e-reader comparison matrix

Writing Tablets Added to e-Reader Comparison Table

My e-reader comparison table originally omitted devices that had writing capabilities because the main eWritable website is dedicated to this class of e-ink tablets. In addition, the e-reader table was designed for people specifically looking for an e-reader. However, after listening to feedback from users, I have decided to add some e-ink writing tablets to the e-reader list. There … Read more