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Pocketbook Inkpad 4 Review

E-readers have revolutionized how we read, making access to books simpler and more portable than ever. Amid the myriad of e-reader options, the Pocketbook Inkpad 4 distinguishes itself with a feature set that ensures a superior reading experience.

The first thing that catches your attention about the Inkpad 4 is its sizeable 7.8″ screen. This provides ample space for text and images, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a larger canvas for their digital content. And the experience on this sizeable screen is heightened thanks to a high-resolution display offering 300ppi. This results in sharp and crisp text and images, rivalling the clarity and comfort of reading a physical book.

Complementing the outstanding display, the Pocketbook Inkpad 4 incorporates both a frontlight and a warmlight feature. The frontlight ensures you can read comfortably in lower light conditions, and the warmlight can adjust the screen hue to a warmer tone for a more relaxed reading experience, especially in the dark. However, the device lacks an auto-brightness feature, meaning brightness adjustments need to be made manually. This may not be a significant drawback for many, but it is something to keep in mind.

The Inkpad 4 sports a sleek design with dimensions of 189.5mm by 134mm and a slim profile of just 7.95mm. It weighs in at 265g, which, while slightly on the heavier side, is balanced by its larger screen size. The device comes in a sophisticated grey colour, reinforcing its sleek and modern design.

Powered by PocketbookOS, the Inkpad 4 delivers a smooth and intuitive user interface that caters to both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with digital devices. The wide array of file format support sets the Inkpad 4 apart from many competitors, as it can handle EPUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI, DJVU, CBR, CBZ, FB2, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, TXT, CHM, as well as popular image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP. In addition, the MP3 format support opens up possibilities for audiobooks and music listening.

The Inkpad 4 comes with an impressive 32GB of internal storage. This generous capacity enables you to carry a substantial digital library wherever you go. However, it lacks a micro-SD slot for memory expansion. Considering the substantial in-built storage, this omission is unlikely to be a significant issue for most users.

In terms of physical interaction, the Inkpad 4 offers both a touchscreen and physical page-turn buttons. This dual approach caters to different reading preferences and ensures a smooth, easy-to-control reading experience. Auto-rotation further enhances the versatility of this device, allowing users to switch between portrait and landscape views depending on their preference.

A unique feature of the Inkpad 4 is its text-to-speech capability, turning your e-books into audiobooks. This is a boon for users with visual impairments or anyone who wishes to rest their eyes while immersing themselves in a good book. The device also includes built-in speakers, making it stand out among many e-readers.

The Inkpad 4 also boasts a waterproof feature, making it a perfect companion for beach holidays or bathtub reading sessions without worry of water damage. Despite some missing features, like auto-brightness and access to the Google Play Store, these are minor compared to the overall functionality and performance the device offers.

Priced at $290, the Pocketbook Inkpad 4 might be slightly more expensive than some e-readers on the market, but the rich feature set justifies

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Full Specs

Product The name of the product/modelPocketbook Inkpad 4
Version The version of the productStandard
Buy Click on the button to buy
Image A picture of the productPocketbook Inkpad 4
Price The price of the product (in USD)$290
Brand The brand/manufacturer of the productPocketbook
Screen size The size of the screen (measured diagonally)7.8"
PPI The number of pixels per inch (PPI) NOTE: on colour devices, this is the monochrome PPI300ppi
Storage capacity The storage space of the e-reader32Gb
Operating System Which O/S the device runs by defaultPocketbookOS
Writing Whether the e-reader has writing/note-taking capabilities
Frontlight Whether the product has a frontlight
Warmlight Whether there is temperature control for the frontlight
Auto brightness Whether the brightness of the e-reader changes automatically based on the exterior ambient light
Bluetooth Whether the e-reader support audio via Bluetooth headphones/speaker
Speakers Whether the e-reader support audio via an onboard speaker
Touchscreen Whether the e-reader has a capacitive touchscreen
Waterproof Whether the e-reader is waterproof to IPX8 rating
Play store Whether you can install apps from the Google Play Store (e.g. Kindle, Koreader etc.)
Flush screen Whether the screen is flush with the casing of the e-reader
Page-turn buttons Whether the e-reader has physical buttons for turning pages
Auto-rotation Whether the e-reader automatically changes the screen orientation
Text-to-speech Whether the e-reader can convert text to speech
Micro-SD slot Whether the e-reader has a slot for a MicroSD card
Colour screen Whether the e-reader has a colour screen
Ads Whether the e-reader shows ads on the sleep screen
Wireless charging Whether the e-reader supports wireless charging
Mobile connectivity Whether the e-reader can connect to the cloud over the cellular network
Weight The weight of the product265g
Thickness The thickness of the e-reader7.95mm
Height The height of the e-reader189.5mm
Width The width of the e-reader134mm
File formats The file formats that are supportedEPUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI, DJVU, CBR, CBZ, FB2, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, TXT, CHM, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, MP3
Colours Which colours this e-reader is available inGrey
Buy Click on the button to buy