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What’s in Store on eWritable Readers?

The original eWritable website was developed to make it easier for people wanting to buy an e-ink writing tablet to find the best device for their unique needs.

I was asked by several people to develop a similar comparison table for e-readers, which I have done, but for many people, it wasn’t enough to just have the data – they needed buying advice as well.

So, over the coming months, I intend to provide as much information as I can about this subject.

To be totally transparent, my knowledge of e-readers is currently a bit too limited – I have a lot of experience with Kindle readers and Boox Android readers. I also have some experience with Kobo – these manufacturers also make e-ink writing tablets so I am familiar with their ecosystems.

However, I do not know an awful lot about the Pocketbook or Meebook ecosystems.

So, I have ordered a device from each of these manufacturers and am looking forward to exploring what they have to offer.

When I feel that I have developed enough expertise, I will be writing e-reader reviews, a comprehensive buying guide, and recommendations for the best e-readers currently on the market, all of which will be published on this website.

I will also be providing additional information about e-readers in general.

So, if you have any e-reader questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at dan@ewritable.com and I will do my best to answer them.

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