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The Pros & Cons of Android Ebook Readers

The most popular e-reading devices (Kindle, Kobo, Pocketbook & Nook) use their own proprietary operating system (usually based on Linux). This ensures that they are highly optimised for ebook reading but can do little else. Over the last few years, e-readers built on the Android operating system (typically used on phones and tablets) have become more and more common … Read more

What is the difference between the Boox Page and the Boox Leaf2 e-readers?

Boox has recently released the Page – a 7″ e-reader which seems to be a natural successor to the Leaf2. On paper, both devices look to be very similar, so in this article, I want to highlight the differences between them. Similarities But first, what are the similarities? Both the Page and the Leaf2 are 7″ monochrome e-readers, with … Read more